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1) Ideas should be bigger than boxes
We often end up expecting big, transformative ideas to fit a ready-made box. But a great idea should be able to change the strategy, the media plan, the measures, the behaviours. Otherwise it’s just colouring in. A big idea should change you.

2) Everything communicates
Brand behaviours communicate far more powerfully than we give them credit for. Along with brand voice, they’re the most neglected chapters in a brand book that’s usually 90% about visual identity. Look it, say it, but above all be it.

3) Simple beats simplistic
In an era defined by participation and powered by digital, we need to look further than reductive propositions. We need to build narratives that people can participate in, with guiding beliefs and principles. Make stories not statements.

4) Allies always win
Generous, empathetic brands think differently about people. They think about what audiences and others need, not what they can provide. By treating everyone as a stakeholder they invite participation. And participation is power. To build power, share it.

5) Genius is collective
Team building is hard work, and building a team with diverse backgrounds, points of view and experiences is even harder. A shared vision can unite a diverse team to produce exceptional results. To create the unexpected, build an unusual team.

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